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Growing Seeds and Produce for Climate adaptation and Hunger Relief.

MASA Seed Foundation provides organic seed research and development of a Regional Seed Bank serving local farmers and gardeners of Boulder County and the Front Range, as well as the growth and security of our local food movement. MASA reinvigorates an agricultural history when regionalized seeds and on-farm crop breeding were commonplace. 

MASA has an on-farm Traditional Seed House open to visitors as well as educational opportunities

The farm-fresh produce grown at MASA goes to low-income families through our program, Help Us Help Others.

MASA Seed Foundation focuses directly on growing and adapting Farm and Garden Seeds for local and national distribution. Our Mission/vision entails securing a Front Range Seed Bank of tried and true, rigorously selected heirloom and traditional food plant varieties that are adaptable to climate shifts and front range soils. Securing seeds is foundational work for a deeper sense of regional food sovereignty. Supporting the depth of research entailed in raising seeds will help support MASA's Farm to Food Bank initiative to feed as many people as possible from our 20 acres of seeds and 50 tons of produce from our seed production fields.

Sponsorships Available! 

Sponsor a seed plot - 2 acres of diverse flowers, vegetables, culinary herbs.   Inquiries welcome. 

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  • 2023 Donate to MASA - Farm to Food Bank! Help Us Help Others
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