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Help Us Grow: Give the Gift of Food Security

Your support makes a tangible impact at MASA Seed Foundation. Your contribution fuels our mission to create a more resilient future through:

  • SEED ADAPTATION AND PRESERVATION - At the heart of our mission is seeds. We plant crops as part of a program to adapt seeds to our region's climate. We cultivate, harvest, preserve, catalog, and make these seeds available to local gardeners, farmers, and schools.

  • REGENERATIVE FARMING - MASA collaborates with non-profits and research organizations to pioneer regenerative farming practices. These practices benefit our community by addressing climate change, repairing the ecosystem, and promoting biological diversity of insects, animals, and plants.

  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS - We provide education on seeds and plants to improve the diversity and resilience of our food system. Our programs empower participants to grow and share nutritious food, strengthening our community's food security.

Our Mission

MASA's mission is clear: develop organic seed stock adapted for climate change, available to farmers, gardeners, and schools. Alongside this mission, we provide organic plants and fresh, nutritious produce to underserved populations and local food pantries. We educate our community on the vital role of seeds in securing our food system, restoring our ecosystem, and supplying nutritious food for ALL of our citizens.

Your Impact

By donating to "Farm to Food Bank ~ Help Us Help Others," you directly contribute to food security efforts in our community. You help provide a substantial share of organically grown, nutritious food while offering in-depth learning opportunities for Summer Youth Farming participants who join us on the farm to cultivate this nutrient-dense produce.

Thank you for helping us help others. Together, we can grow a better tomorrow.


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